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ART|chitect Creative - Working @ the Speed of Culture
ART|chitect Creative - Working @ the Speed of Culture
ART|chitect Creative - Working @ the Speed of Culture

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Working at the speed of culture

 is a London-based Creative Agency offering services in... Marketing Strategy | Web Development | Project Management We are a full service creative agency offering young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-27 the tools they need to launch their business ventures online. Our versatile experience has allowed for us to offer all of our services within a range of new businesses, creative projects and independent ventures. We are students of 'the mystery' and specialists in 'influential thinking' to ensure that your brand can speak to a wide audience and is never void of meaning. We see ourselves as 'Digital Architects', 'Web Masons', and 'Creative Strategists', with a powerful toolkit to build unique and impressive digital spaces for you to live, work or celebrate in!
ART|chitect Creative - Working @ the Speed of Culture
As Above So Below
As Above...
So Below...
As Above So Below


ART|chitect Creative - Working @ the Speed of Culture
'AS ABOVE SO BELOW' This concept is at the foundation of our work... all that residing above us, is reflected below. This is one of the elemental concepts found in cultures (Ancient & Contemporary) all around the world, in understanding the 'creation' and all of its facets. We have incorporated this concept into our work because we believe it is a common understanding that epitomizes the relationship between the 'creator' and 'creation'... that what we envision internally we can manifest externally, and that this 'human' quality is exclusive to no one. AS ABOVE SO BELOW - Taught by Hermes Trismegistus who was celebrated as both an Ancient Greek and Egyptian Deity (Hermes & Thoth) in Hermetic and Esoteric circles. यठ पिन्दे तठ ब्रह्म्मन्दे (Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande) - Taken from the Yajurveda of the Ancient Vedas. This can be translated to 'As in the body, so in the world', meaning the 'universe' within you is a reflection of the universe that surrounds you. وحدة الوجود (Wahdat al-Wujud) - A Philosophy proposed by Sufi Mystic Abu Mohammed Abd el-Hakh Ibn Sabin, discussing the 'Unity of Being', that all things in existence are expressions of the same consciousness. in earth as it is in heaven - From the Lord's Prayer, this follows the phrase 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done'... Although most will only look to the religious connotation, this section is a subtle tribute to the early Hermetic & Gnostic tradition of 'As Above So Below'... again insinuating that the earth is a reflection of the heavens, and that we are capable of manifesting paradise. 天羅地網 (Tiānluódìwǎng) - This is a phrase from the Chinese Astronomical school of 'Zei Wei Dou Shu' describing the state of futility bound by the confines of the laws of heaven and earth. 天羅 is read as a heavenly net and 地網, the earth net. Thus referring to the infinitesimal mortal nature of man in the universe being entangled in a net that spans across the 'earth' and 'heavens'.


Purusha Logo



The upward pointing triangle has long stood as a symbol for consciousness. It's most ancient representation is from the Vedic principle of 'Purusha'... This is often recognised as the masculine force of conception in the universe.



The downward pointing triangle has long stood as a symbol for nature/creation. It's most ancient application is from the Vedic principle of 'Prakriti'... This is often recognised as the feminine force of creation in the universe.

Prakriti Symbol

Contemporary uses of this symbol

(Post 17th Century) have found place in both mainstream religion and occultism. However, it's earliest appearance can be traced to ancient Vedic Shastras (scriptures), where the symbol was used to describe the balance of consciousness and creation in the universe.  The Satkona is a symbol of Goloka, the abode of Lord Krishna, the supreme ancient Vedic Deity.


Prakriti Symbol
Purusha Logo

 This symbol represents a point in the universe where pure consciousness is met with creative energy, and all that exists are expressions of this consciousness and creative force. The symbol implies that everything that exists does so from a single source.

It was devised to explain the concept of trinity, duality and oneness in a single image.


 Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We were the misfits, the 'awkwards', those who ran away from 'reality' to try and build something even better... Creation is all we know how to do.


Our passion for learning is relentless. We aim to understand the core elements of your specific industry and engage that fundamental knowledge with our own unique perspective of the world.

We have magic

Too many have fallen into the belief that the world is mundane, that magic doesn't exist, and that there is a rationale for everything. We believe that the manifestation of a vision IS magic... to bring to life the intangible.


Working at the Speed of Culture